How to upgrade an Acer Aspire V5 122P to SSD

Just two weeks ago I've upgrade my Acer v5 to SSD, and to my surprise, by following these tutorials, everything worked as expected ;)

For those who doesn’t know about the Acer Aspire V5, I think it’s the cheapest touchscreen Win8 ultrabook on the market. I forced myself to use it as development machine (running visual studio 2012, R#, SQL Server and all that stuff) and for 450 bucks, it’s more than I expected.

The touchpad is decent enough (although it can be better), the keyboard works great and by throwing another 100 for a SSD into the mix, increased the overall system performance, making the Acer a budget dev machine.

The only drawbacks I found so far it’s the AMD 1GHz processor (of course you cannot change that) and the plastic case, but for the price I payed for it, I’m more than satisfied. If you are on a budget, I highly recommend the Aspire v5.


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  2. thanks for your kind videos and suggestion for upgrade an Acer Aspire V5 on youtube.
    Acer Aspire Laptop

  3. Did the upgrade make a difference in the performance?
    Mine is slow as hellllll

    1. Yeah, it got better. (Keep in mind I've used this machine for programming. I don't know about other use cases such as gaming or video streaming and alike).

  4. can aspire v5 support 16gb ram ?

    1. Sadly, no. It can only handle up to 6GB. (It has only one memory slot).
      Here is the full spec:


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