Creating your first report with NRapid

In this post, I’m going to build a very basic report with NRapid to show some records from the Categories table in the Northwind database. The goal of this post is provide a sneak peak of the reporting capabilities of NRapid.

The first thing we have to do in order to work with NRapid, is configure the database connection in the app.config file. Once this setting is done, we will be able to let NRapid to take care of the data access.

To create our first report, we just need add a class that inherits from NRapid.Core.Reporting.Report and implement two abstract members.

The first one is a method called ConfigureReport, wich will be invoked by the report engine at run time and will allow us to add tables, groups, footers, etc. to the report.

The second is a property where we have to specify the report's title.

In this case, we need to show the whole list of categories from the Northwind data base, we are not filtering any data, so we are just going to ignore viewdata parameter (it’ll be covered in upcoming posts) and write a SQL query and add the table to the report. As you can see in the image below, we can use the NRapid session to go to the data base and fetch the records, it’s really easy.

The last step is executing the report, which can be done by using the NRapid Report Manager.

And the report should look something like this

So that’s it for now, not too bad for less than then lines of code ;)

In upcoming post, I’ll be covering how to use the view data to provide filtering capabilities.

You can get the source code of NRapid from here
And the sample app from here
The Northwind database is available from download at


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