Grouping data with NRapid

Grouping data is a feature you always needs when you are working with reports and relational data bases. In this post I’ll show you how to do it with NRapid.

In this case I’ll build a report to show products grouped by category, this report is going to show the whole list of products for the whole list of categories in the Northwind database, so there is no filtering options (no dialog).

If you take a look at the SQL statement, you will notice that there is no group by instruction, the grouping is done by using the NRapid fluent interface.  (I don’t like SQL very much so I usually use the fluent interface, but if you‘re a SQL guy, you can solve the grouping inside the SQL instruction, it’s also going to works)

Now we are going to change the report options and set the Staked option on. This setting is going to change the layout and show us a most commonly seen format in this kind of reports.

This is just a sneak peak of NRapid grouping features. I’ll cover a lot more in upcoming post. Stay tuned.

You can get the source code of NRapid from here
And the sample app from here
The Northwind database is available from download at


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